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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fashion Tip : Dress Right For Your Body Type

All men were created equal,” when it comes to body type and clothing, that bold statement is simply untrue. As a result of having fewer curves, male bodies may vary less in form than women’s bodies, but nevertheless, variation does exist and knowing how to dress for your body type as well as which styles to avoid is the key to honing your personal style.

One thing to always keep in mind when shopping for new clothes is that the fit of the garment is its ultimate test. If an expensive jacket just isn’t right for your body, it’s going to look bad no matter what the price tag. Conversely, a cheaper jacket that accentuates your assets and disguises the things you don’t love about yourself will make you look like a million bucks even without a million-dollar price tag. So to learn about how to dress for your body type, to find the clothes that are most flattering for you, and for the most common body-type (and how to avoid them), read on.

The Bulky Man

  • stay away from horizontal stripes
  • avoid double-vented jackets
  • buy clothes that fit
  • avoid turtlenecks
  • choose small prints shirts
  • wear a belt

The Tall And Skinny Man

  • don’t wear vertical stripes
  • choose fitted shirts
  • avoid round-toed shoes
  • stay away from skinny jeans
  • choose lighter colors

The Short Man

  • go for square-toed shoes
  • wear heels on your shoes
  • consider accessories (e.g: necklace, tie or hat)
  • avoid really big prints
  • choose a slimmer necktie
  • wear a small rise (between crotch of pants and waistband)

Follow these rules and you’ll significantly increase your chances of being voted best-dressed guy around. Good luck guys!